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Proofreading of The Art of Subtraction, essay by Gabriele Guerico, 2012 Proofreading, Art in Brazil 1950-2011, BOZAR Brussels 2011
Editing and translation, Visionary Africa: Art at Work, BOZAR Brussels 2011
Copy-editing, Universalism as Utopia, Wouter van Acker, 2011
Proofreading of Hands of Time, Johan de Wilde, 2012
Copy-editing and proofreading of texts for monograph about architect  Juliaan Lampens, 2010
Editor of artist's book, About Flowers and Taxis, by Werner Mannaers, published Mer.Paper Kunsthalle, 2010
Copy-editing, Another Country, The British in France, by Rip Hopkins, photographer, published by Filigranes Editions, Paris, 2010
Copy-editing and proofreading of texts for exhibition catalogue Dirk Vander Eecken, 2010
Copy-editing and proofreading of The Radical Right in Switzerland, Continuity and Change 1945-2000 by Damir Skenderovic, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Fribourg, 2009

Proofreading of the English version of the catalogue for the exhibition at the Flemish parliament of work by members of the Vermeersch Family of artists, published by ASP, Academic and Scientific Publishers, Brussels, 2010


Catalogue text translated from Spanish into English for Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan at the Reina Sofia, Madrid and Tate Modern,London, 2012
Ongoing translation of the novel Un Crimen Argentino by Reynaldo Sietecase from Spanish into English.
Editing and translation, Visionary Africa: Art at Work, BOZAR Brussels 2011
Catalogue text translated from Spanish into English for Martin Ramirez; Reframing Confinement at the Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2010
Translation of Mireille Capelle CD liner notes; French to English, 2009
Catalogue texts translated from German and French into English for Infinitum at the Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, 2009


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Clients include academics, students, translation agencies, arts centres, local government offices and a wide variety of businesses.


"Duncan Brown has translated, edited and proofread a number of Political Science texts for me. In the process, he demonstrated an impressive ability to work carefully and with great precision. Furthermore, he showed great sensitivity towards the subtleties of any given content and his writing style is elegant and concise. Duncan Brown also possesses the valuable ability to grasp a new subject and acquire the necessary vocabulary very quickly."

Damir Skenderovic, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History at the University of Fribourg.


"Polish Translators Ltd would like to thank Unlimited Edition for their invaluable proofreading and translation services. We appreciate their flexibility and willingness to meet the demands of our clients even if it involves work at very unsociable hours. We look forward to continuing our co-operation in the future."

Alicja Wladacz, Project Manager, Polish Translators Ltd.


"Dear Duncan. Many thanks for completing this translation work in good time and at a reasonable price, as well as for the friendly correspondence. You hit the right style very well. I will be happy to get back to you when we need your services again."

Leila Benaissa, DekaDance GmbH.

"Unlimited Edition transcribed a long and difficult artists' discussion thoroughly, efficiently and at incredibly short notice. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to my friends and colleagues."

Kate Squires, Head of Education and Public Programmes, Camden Arts Centre, London