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Website Content and Copywriting

  • Original content for print publication or the Internet
  • Creative texts for advertising, flyers, newsletters, etc
  • Existing texts reworked or improved

I write and edit texts for the Internet and all forms of print materials, from company websites and advertising materials to CVs and letters of introduction. Whether starting from scratch, or enhancing ideas in development, I can provide solid, lively and fluent texts to help present your business or your project in the best possible light.

  • Web page content written from scratch
  • Content written for search engine optimisation
  • Existing web pages adapted, updated, rewritten or reworked
  • Proofreading and correction of existing web page material
  • Creation of English language versions of exisiting websites or web pages

Examples of website content (written and edited):

Polish Translators

The Lexington

Toorley Construction

It's Done Smarthome

Dekadance Club and Party Promotion